Aragog is the 1st VM of 3-box HarryPotter VM series in which you need to find 2 horcruxes hidden inside the machine (total 8 horcruxes hidden across 3 VMs of the HarryPotter Series) and ultimately defeat Voldemort.

This is the part 1 out of 3 VMs…


As the description of the machine on Vulnhub given by the author tells us to change the MAC address of the Adapter to let the machine take IP.

Before proceeding forward lets have a look at the description of the machine

So starting with the changes to be made :

1. Pumpkin Garden.

2. Pumpkin Raising.

3. Pumpkin Festival.

Starting with the first level of the series that is Pumpkin Garden.

As usual starting with netdiscover tool to get the IP of the machine so without wasting my time I jumped into terminal and entered the command .

# netdiscover…


Raven is a Beginner/Intermediate boot2root machine. There are four flags to find and two intended ways of getting root. Built with VMware and tested on Virtual Box. Set up to use NAT networking.

As the description tells about the machine , a boot2root machine made for a beginner or…

Lets start with scanning the network to get the IP of the machine using “netdiscover”.

└──╼ #netdiscover -i vboxnet1

As the machine got the IP that is, using the IP I started port scanning using “nmap”.

└──╼ #nmap -v -sT -A -p-

Starting with enumeration in order to get the IP of the machine using “netdiscover” scan.

netdiscover -i vboxnet1

Here I got the IP of the machine that is so now I proceed with the IP to scan the services running on the machine using “nmap” scan.

nmap -v -sT…


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